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At the core of Lincoln Legal is a journey that began in 1997 when our founder earned qualifications in London, UK. This marked the genesis of a career dedicated to legal excellence. With a solid foundation in place, our founder entered active practice, gaining invaluable experience and laying the groundwork for a future steeped in legal prowess.

Pioneering Legal Excellence

In 2010, fuelled by a passion for legal innovation, our visionary founder took a significant step forward by founding Andrew Wong Co. This marked a pivotal moment in our history, showcasing a commitment to providing top-of-the-line legal services. Andrew Wong Co quickly became synonymous with legal excellence, setting the stage for our evolution into a leading legal force.

A Dynamic Evolution

Building on the success of Andrew Wong Co, our journey took a transformative turn in 2015 with the incorporation of Lincoln Legal. This strategic move signalled a new chapter, allowing us to expand our services and better serve our clients as a full-service law firm. The incorporation marked not just a milestone in years but a commitment to growth, innovation, and a legacy of trust and expertise in the Australian legal landscape. At Lincoln Legal, our history is a testament to our founder's dedication to legal excellence and our unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled services to our clients. As we continue to evolve, our journey reflects not just our past but a promising future of client-focused legal service.

Expert Multi-lingual Law Firm

LINCOLN LEGAL is a premier full-service law firm in Australia, with offices in Sydney (Waterloo, Crows Nest, and Hurstville), Brisbane, and Melbourne. With a commitment to legal excellence, we offer comprehensive legal services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our team of experienced legal professionals is dedicated to providing personalised and expert guidance across a broad spectrum of legal areas. From navigating complex legal matters to offering tailored solutions, LINCOLN LEGAL is your trusted partner in achieving legal success.


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